The Future of Work starts in 2017

Imagine a business that did not have email, the Internet, social media, and access to other collaboration tools. That was hardly 20 years ago. Now imagine what the business world will work 20 years from today.

How will technology continue to change the management of teams, employee flexibility, and organisational culture? As Generation Z enters the workforce and makes their way up to the Boardroom, how will they enforce their values, and what will it mean for the way we work, job security, and ultimately the bottom line?

Next year, UC EXPO 2017 is proud to offer a new conference, The Future of Work. Planning and implementing technology to support employees and business resourcing is one of the most transformative decisions a business can make. At The Future of Work at UC EXPO 2017, we’ll take a holistic approach and address the changing needs of ‘office workers’ and the requirement for flexibility, mobility, global teams and online collaboration. The Future of Work is the ideal conference for HR Managers, Finance Directors, Heads of Marketing, and IT professionals to understand the future requirements of employee needs and enterprise communication.

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